Trigger Point Wellness Kit - SS22 - Black / Green / White - mens / womens - One

Trigger Point Wellness Kit Target Pain The Wellness Collection offers an easy-to-use self-care program designed to help you feel better through deep tissue releases that can improve flexibility and local circulation. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. Our experts have created intuitive and easy-to-follow videos so you can take control of your own training or recovery. The Wellness Collection is designed to help reduce discomfort, increase mobility, and maintain muscular health in an effort to achieve total body wellness. Use this kit to increase mobility, reduce pain, and maintain muscular health through deep tissue self-massage techniques. Includes TPU Massage Ball - A versatile manipulation tool featuring a frim core wrapped in cushioned material for targeted deep tissue stimulation. Foot Baller - A firm, compact roller perfectly sized for hands-free myofascial compression of the lower leg and foot. Baller Block - Provides elevation for optimal range of motion and application of pressure when using Triggerpoint products. also reduces space and houses the footballer when not in use. Quad Baller - Delivers firm and targeted compression to larger muscles groups, such as the quads, IT band, lower back and hamstrings. TP2 Ball Sleeve - Couples two TP Massage Balls for even greater leverage to release discomfort and address pain points, particularly in the lower, mid- and upper-back. Video Portal TriggerPoint offers an Education Video Portal which is accessed by using a personalized code provided at the time of purchase. The Wellness Collection is systematic approach to maintaining your body through a self-massage process that combines the complexity of biomechanics with the simplicity of massage. It includes eleven instructional videos and a biomechanics videos that explains the foundations of a self-massage program and how to release muscles that cause aches and pains in the lower leg, hips and back. Upper Body E-Book -Included in this kit is the Upper Body instructional Ebook with six releases that restore mobility in the torso, shoulders and back

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